by Venus Bogardus

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released November 1, 2007

Reich / Levbarg / Evuarherhe



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Venus Bogardus Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: Motorman
Dry shit in the fire
Off to find my doctor
Find Cock in the pollen
I'm approaching human
Remoter and distant
The motor insistentThis trip never stops this door never opens
the jellyhead outside my room repeating scene that signals doomThree suns have come up
Government ballgames
In a real month I lost electrical power
And consecutive Sundays froze me overnever pick up the same
jellyhead twice
I did and the features
Fell off the lobes
I opened the jellies
In an ether grove
Track Name: Birds
Torn curtain of birds, and poster stain
An actor's voice like porcelain
She trades him for death wax and pirouettes
Spotlights skulls and silhouettes Birds, birds, birds, birds.Silk sockets of dress, cochineal
Hot line to bloodbank, oh, god you kneel
Cruel moons and elision, stuttered line
Make up for the lesions, switchblade spine I brought you souls
Like a bird brings worms.
They never listened to me
When I said: Don't let me out Cut theatre of doll parts, anodyne
Automatic deportment, lantern time
Wings hiding the revolt, wings crowded with noise
Preparing the ghost girls, preparing the boys
Track Name: Autoclave
In motor cars we were émigrés
We write from a broken needle gun
They want to take our memories
The text on you and meMemories won't get you out of gaol
But they might fetch you a cigarette
Autoclave, autoclaveThe poet and the ingénue
The run with a stolen tattoo gun
They're poisoning the shopping mall
The waste of you and meYou cannot bring us back again
We're feral girls and rocket boys
We're gonna strike the different trains Erasing you and mehow much like a child
this machine
Track Name: Analog Underground
Ten thousand leagues, a sea of dead signal
They killed the transformers, we put up our own
One town, a thousand - the digital blanket
A cathode ray tube trying not to drownBlack and white/underground/analog/all around
Black and white/underground/under waves/all aroundPounding the pavement, plumbing the junkyards
Stop when they're all safe: every last screen
There's no government performance - let's say we forgot that
Screaming with white noise, time to play meanWhat's in there? I only want my analog
My glowing catalog, my bygone days
New pirates braving the seas of forgetting
They're bringing me home now in the good old fashioned way
Track Name: Venice Vince
He slingshots over the sand
Tight shirt and PCP
Like a fraction of a magazine
An athlete tying offVenice Vince, do you remember?Native pickups telephones
Coffee shops and personal ads
Burns a hole in your horoscope
Bars shine in mercuryOn leather boots like diamond dust
On your raunchy father's horse
On leather boots like your mother's ash
On your father's raunchy horseDo you remember Vietnam?
Do you remember K D Lang?
Venice Beach beneath a grey sheet
Silver kids twisting in the windHanging from grey rings
Venice Vince and his Better
Sling through targets of last night,
Last year or never
Track Name: The Age Of Sinatra
Sinking, but singing from the radio
This is raw meat this is a crystal set
This is a pistol this is a death egg, nowIn the age of Sinatra, things were good - but no one remembersSignals a new riot in a winter skull
Eating the sirens eating the necronauts
Eating the remedies eating the Kennedys, nowThe age of Sinatra is sickening in first class furs
The age of Sinatra is shivering inside syrettes
The age of Sinatra rides a ship inside a curse
The age of Sinatra will not share its cigarettesNo one, no one but the radio
You, you in your hair-smoke high
Track Name: Quien Es?
Who is that spitball shadow?
Who is he who rides the gallows?
Who is that harelip buckshot bastard?
I took them downNail me a pitbull picture
Nail me a lacquered future
Nail me to something like a childhood
Then tear it downJaw crack the jackdaw crypt
Let me pretend it's Egypt
Scream my soul against the stars
Just like a shell
A cannonballWrite me a poison letter
Write me and I'll be better
Write me the poster boy of zeros
You sold me outJaw crack the jackdaw crypt
Let me pretend it's Egypt
Scream my soul against the stars
I will not die
I took them down