Spitting At The Glass

by Venus Bogardus

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released February 9, 2010

Reich / Levbarg / Carr



all rights reserved


Venus Bogardus Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: Judy Davis Lips
in a town like a swamp here's a map and a gun / second-hand Mayan can split your tongue / camera rays are pointless games / but dying your mouth can get you laid / colour yr past and flash yr sneer / lost in the spectrum it's so queer / judy davis lips dictate the words / judy davis lips destroy the world / in the cars and the pain here's a pharmacy bomb / agony codes cry when you're gone / poison vines have swallowed LA / we never sleep and we don't get paid / at a party that's dead there's no gun to yr head / shivering flesh on an unmade bed / in the flames of the crash the shadow of sex / she'll still cool on the lipstick index
Track Name: Flat Planes
flat planes DC-10 / allows no broken windows / inside the roof of yr mouth / she makes a killer billboard / her face a silver bullet / in this occupation you gotta stay young / flat planes DC-10 / stuck in a metal corset / she hates her fucking office / she's like a fly in a can / inside her black sunglasses / I'm not a homosexual / I'm not a heterosexual / I'm just an angry person and you've gotta stay hungry / flat planes DC-10 / pissing the propaganda / upon the frozen airfield / allows no broken windows / inside the roof of yr mouth / shadows on the window / someone is at the window / she's waving from the window / and you know that means something
Track Name: Scatter
a nation's like a bath to die in / mechanisms haunt yr every waking hour / sleeping in the cold enamel / kamikaze kids go swimming / from the radio beyond the lines / there's acetylene on the camel's back / wedded by the coldest welding / you will be the bride to the concrete / sunglasses swan round Hiroshima / bikinis tangled in the vodka / I count the love I count the loss / I feel the heat Los Alamos / I saw the plans I saw the wave / as I was fused in yr arcade / now they dress in drag and vampire teeth / and they comb their hair with science fiction / posing in the radar plaza / karaoke kids surviving / there's a discotheque inside their minds / where a Little Boy never fell on them / her graffiti kiss is luminescent / he's a bunker boy but he's coming out / I hear the beat inside the skulls of nature's better animals / I won't go gentle to the grave / what the wind scatters the wind saves
Track Name: Ghostmouth
all time ago like a child outside my head I sang with the wild dogs / but my spirit fades like the sugar dissolved under absinthe / I'm still a boy / my lies are fair / take these ghosts from my mouth / let me feel like I'm alone in this house / I did my time in the gaol of your expectations I danced with the hanged man / my liberty just as tender as bruised as the meathook / I'm still a boy / please cut me down
Track Name: Permanent Notice
she's a gorgon / face like a Klimt / she's losing time / in a tailspin / it's the skin you shed that lets you get away / we're in detention now / we're on permanent notice / signs and omens surround / we're on permanent notice / paranoid authority / Vienna's on permanent notice / superstitious academy / everybody's on permanent notice / amazon queen / too smart for school / Yma Sumac / recessive gene pool / split personality / liberates her / lost siamese twin / in the shower
Track Name: Spitting At The Glass
spitting at the glass / biting at the latch / that's when you know you are an intellectual / shivering in Texas / packing heat in libraries / you've got to watch your back / when yr sophisticated / in the internment camp / dressed like Roxy Music / you've got to sew dissent like babies in the tree line / barbed wire / boredom is my mother / irony's my father / I am my own best friend / well wouldn't you be / hanging by a thread / kick against the pricks / you could have been a star / but then you think too much
Track Name: Gulf of Mexico
the knife has fallen bloodied these hands / exiled on morphine the money's gone / pinned to a fly's wing painting a chic death / the touch of the sun disgusted us / gulf of mexico / we shake and scream here / drink that dream in / disappear like it even matters / the mural shattered tired of our hands / under a black sun this ocean / two in the blood stream four in the morning / feeling the shark's intelligence
Track Name: Mouth To Hand
sometimes we feel we're really living mouth-to-hand / part bone china and part machine gun / they look around the fashion gets better / like beatles colliding with a mohair sweater / yeah right / let's pretend there's no geisha culture / you don't get on yr knees you don't lap it up / she says it's time to go with the fluxus / it's time to bite the hand that feeds us / truth ain't advanced / pornography / sometimes we feel we're really living in japan
Track Name: From Here To Eternity
dissonant and shaking girl goes down / and loses his lunch / all the spandex meathead men explode / in castle lightning / reading kitchen crochet kids are thread / and panoleptic / art theory magazines contort / new feminism / from here to eternity / artrocker and the nme / come dressed in raging rags like cale / and betsey johnson / embrace the therapeutic rock / of screaming truncheons / feedback through turkish bath and steam / koranic dripfeed / brought on by robert mapplethorpe / and foucault's flipflops / pitchfork and mtv / take stabs at movie poetry / a spearmint chelsea / on a synthesizer ski blade riff / supergirltalk / in a nutmeg neon nightshade flash / old jazzmaster / alice coltrane firebird lookingglass / for panther sunsets / there's nothing here for you and me
Track Name: Exiles
velvet machine theatre jerk / leather-coated stripshow clerk / birdland and saucer streaks / trashed tubes and gravel beaks / shred soho sci-fi scam / basquiat and spray can clams / gamelan groove skin slap jam / real poets eat from cans / constant struggle to be yrself / rocking out yr roman a clef / television screens turn red / magazines want to see you dead / fuzzy finger disco date / fraud shots and fashion plates / anti-bourgeois anti-blues / little turfer girl can't lose / below the radar horoscope / the neo-punker starless dope / dada sonic patti horse / arto / artaud / flirt / divorce / exiles commiserate dot dot dash / contract communicate rot rot rash
Track Name: Brett Smiley Pile-up
It was a night like any other: we rolled away across an ocean of sheets, away from the lamp and the damp and England's chilly shores. I landed on a hill, in the dark, wet grass against my ankle, and he was there: rubber face and ginger hair. And I was talking to the King of the Cool. There was a picnic, and a night sky, and he sang to me: Share my basket and I'll tell you where my lucky star is / Share my basket and I'll tell you you're my lucky star. And so on the radio, they asked us, is it a development deal? Well, I don't really think we're people that can be developed. But thanks for asking. Sometimes you pick up the phone, and a voice on the other end says, hey, this is Richard, I'm in London. Maybe we can go for a snack after the reading. So we watched the band from Oklahoma pack up their light show and their flashpots and hit the road. We're going to England soon, they said, adjusting their overalls. And so we braced ourselves and waited for the news of a Brett-Smiley pile-up on the M4. (Sometimes you pick up the phone and a voice on the other end says, Hannah? This is Thurston. We're going to Indonesia, and you guys can come, if you want. But you'll have to get your own asses over there.)