by Venus Bogardus

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released November 1, 2008

Reich / Levbarg / Evuarherhe



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Venus Bogardus Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: Elevator
we have something to do with the city / dark dress and a chrysler crystal shake / all night in a diademed chrome stem / tall buildings and parties to penetrate / we crawl into the elevator / we just want to get off / our love was made in a factory / kiss couch and empire state / culture ruin photo physics future novel don't look / that witch on the next floor breaks down / broadway wig and a murdergown / dead star / wall street howling with animals / manhattan bad seeds and caviar / back crawl into the elevator / we just want a good time / and I dreamed the gargoyle fell / spitting teeth across the sidewalk / we can't afford to leave here / can't afford to stay / don't want the city / just want it our way / not attracted but we try to blend in / it's like you know we're so so yeah yeah yeah / all night in a high rise horror show / hip rumours and black tie conspiracy theories / we crawl into the elevator / blueprint for an arthouse dance craze / good view of the president's necktie / my wife is an architect / we get by
Track Name: Isabelle
You want oblivion Strange flowers in the Judas trees - Scorpions in the Embassy
Nomad distinctions
Melancholy in your photograph - The two of us in an eidograph
They want an answer
Wire money for investigations - smoke dreams of annihilation
In your rejection
As rich as any girl can be in - Your nihilism and your poetryNew hipster mixtape hell
Projection: me and Isabelle
Write off the wasteland over me
Our ghosts are moving constantlyRemake the city
Top down on a screaming Lincoln - Zapruder loops on the television
She's theoretical
Jackie crawls on an open casket - Back brace and a murder jacket
In suspension Blank stares from your trench coat zeros - Strange wounds when they screen your ego
Sex static in a painted kiss - Why keep running round like this?Erotic landslide
Strange drowning in Algeria - Some travel is immediate
Across the water
Collisions of our atavism - A spider's house of anachronism
It's in our language
Minarets of the occupation - Lost journals of the destination
We are out of here
Disguised in an atonal friction - We're dreaming an eternal fiction
Track Name: Tourist
Strange clothes in the desert Red nights in the new transvestite sun This my dress this my sex
This Tangier this Marrakesh
Your ache becomes a film
But so does everything
Snakes around my flaming hair
This my hex malaria
Labour pain of snow
Gorgon letting go This heart of leather jackets
Red nights in the jackal-headed sun This my pass this my port
This my dream this New York I am a forgery
I dress transparently
Nostalgia for yourself
Hydra hungry in Times Square
Don't please anyone
Don't be anyone
Track Name: Five Out Of Six
The more and more is less and less
The money shots, the drastic fleshDANANANAOh, now the world is filled
With a million screaming things
But there is no one here
Telling them what it all means
But hey, she worked it out on her own
Hey, she finally understands:
Hey, no pain when yr in the zone
She's gotta take it like a manPedal down to catch obscene
Missed the part that turned your head
South Pacific beauty queen
Wipe your eyes, yr almost deadNo kiss-kiss/machine-head shift
Behind aroused electric walls
She wrote it on her fist:
Everyone just wants to be loved
Slow drowning: please, not this
Everyone just wants to be loved
Track Name: Fierce 70s Tomboy
Buzz cuts
Watch your mouth, sailor
Drowned girls are tough, like Norman Mailer
Ostracism spits the lighter fluid
They told you no, so you want to do it Fierce 70s Tomboy
Fierce 70s Tomboy (pirates the thrift store)Drag king jeans
Grip test machines
Shipwrecked skulls
Bathroom stalls
From the Siam Straight to Brighton
She abandoned her, left the light on
Motorcycle spits the lighter fluid
They told you no, so you want to do it Fierce 70s Tomboy
Fierce 70s Tomboy (pirates the boys' fear) Abandon ship ladies!
Track Name: Two Serious Ladies
The game is called: "I forgive you for all your sins."Trade for a shack - kiss the family home goodbye
Oh, Lucy, I have to have you by my side
We'll live on water and bread - I find it necessary
To do this right, like I used to play with little Mary Oh, Jane! Where have you been all my life?
Solitude is only stronger with you
Oh, Jane! Where have you been all my life?
We stand outside the walls of fear Ocean at dawn, kiss Pacifica's thigh
Wilder and wilder and then he's gone
Drink and grab - but everything slips by
The girls and monkeys in my Colón I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE DOCKS AT NIGHT
SOLITUDE IS ALL WE EVER FIND Salvation! Goering's on the move again
Preoccupation! Frieda's fading fast, now
Blind journeys - Two Serious Ladies
Lost in New Jersey without a car
I fell asleep for a month! It's more glamorous, anyway! Cut the brakes!
No repair, no solid chain! (Watch out!)
Once was fine
Swiss models rust in the rain I'm not buying anything He doesn't say much, does he? It's more glamorous, anyway!How much for a Sex Pistols ticket
If I use remote control? Remote control
Put your old money where my mouth is
Remote control
Put your old money up my asshole We do it all ourselves - it's more glamorous, anyway!Escape, escape!
Dream caddies and Super 8
A scalpel scape
An open vein and a piece of cake (and a free bar)